We’re Committed to the Environment

We prioritize environmental sustainability across the entire life cycle of our products and the manufacturing processes we use to make them.

Our Sustainability Initiatives:

Collection Programs

Engine oil and oil filters have the shortest replacement cycles of any of the filters in a car’s engine. Plans are in place to assist any HK® Distributor with setting up the resources needed to receive used oil filters and properly stored, used oil, then coordinate recycling and reselling of the materials for sustainable remanufacturing.

End of Life Rewards

Distributors enjoy the opportunity to benefit financially as used motor oil can be resold to refineries for reprocessing. Properly stored end of life oil may be sold directly to home heating oil companies for refining and resale.

Reprocessing Opportunities

Used oil filters may be sold to approved recycling facilities that are equipped to reprocess and recycle components so that they may serve as new consumer products.

GO GREEN with our Filters

Protecting the environment is part of our corporate DNA and a competitive differentiator for all of our Universe Filter clients and HK® filter distributors. Since our founding in 1991, having an eco-conscious commitment has drastically reduced the potential impact our products have on our planet.

Corporate Certifications

Our commitment to excellence includes our industry’s most recognized certifications. A verified reflection of our systematic approach to ensuring consistent quality and performance with every filter we make.

ISO/TS 16949:2009:
The global, gold standard for filter manufacturing.
ISO 14001:2004
Certification of our Environmental Management System.
GB/T 28001/ OHSM-18001:2007
An internationally recognized certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
ISO 45001:2018
Scheduled for ISO publication and certification from Q2 2018, this will become the unified and enhanced Occupational Health and Safety global standard. Our early adopter certification has already begun and is scheduled for completion by Q4 2018.

We’re proud to be a certified filter manufacturer.

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