Guarantee & Warranty

We stand behind every filter we make.

That’s why 18 international HK® distributors prefer us. It starts with a superior quality filter and it’s backed up with a product warranty / guarantee that demonstrates how confident we are in every product we make.

Filter Warrantee Highlights:

1 full year from date of manufacture.

Customer simply notifies us to commence an inbound claim process including:

  • Reason they believe the filter was the cause of the failure
  • Send us the potentially defective filter for testing in our lab
  • Copies of all the invoices associated with vehicle repairs and/or replacement of the filter
  • Customer receives test report outlining the results, our conclusions, and course of action

If filter is proven to be defective, the customer receives remuneration for agreed upon amounts

Claims may include, but are not limited to:

  • Replacement oil filter
  • Engine oil
  • Spark plugs
  • Engine repair
  • Towing fees
  • Rental car

Select us with Confidence.

Our 1 year standard warranty includes all Universe Filter made filters, regardless of distribution channel.

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