How to Buy Our Filters

We make it easy for you to add our product line to your unique business model.


Step 1:
Get In Contact

Meet with us in person at a trade show or by other means and submit a request for quotation (RFQ) by email.

Step 2:
Finding Your Option

If you’re an OEM or Tier 1 Aftermarket, you have two options.
You can send us samples of your OEM filters so we can match performance specifications or you can supply us with the technical product specification (TPS) documents and request samples for your review, testing and inspection at your facility. If you’re a Private Label or White Label client, we’ll follow the Required Information for Production (RIP) form so that we perfectly capture the performance and design requirements of your filters for quotation.

Step 3:
Pricing Agreement

Together, we’ll create a pricing agreement for your business.

Step 4:
Factory Tour

Factory visits are popular with order commitments over $70,000 USD per year. It gives clients the opportunity to meet our leadership team, tour our manufacturing facility and inspect our quality control processes. Most importantly, it gives us the face-to-face chance to get in touch with all of our client’s specific needs.

Step 5:
Order Placement

For order placement, distributors typically provide an Excel spreadsheet or PDF listing the agreed upon filter types and prices, then requested quantities and target shipping dates.

Step 6:
Quantity Adjustments & Production Information Requirements

We confirm the appropriate details of your order and may suggest quantity adjustments to better ensure safe transport, help fill a shipping container, and meet our MOQs.

Step 7:
Product Order

Distributors then sign off on the product order and a PI (proforma invoice) is generated with the agreed upon payment terms.

Step 8:

Production commences to achieve the targeted 75-day production period for first orders, making the order available for pick up by whichever method was selected by the Distributor during the RIP form completion – freight forwarder, ocean line, etc.

Step 9:
Order Fulfillment

Once the order is picked up by the freight forwarder and we have the Bill of Lading (B/L), we coordinate transmission to the client according to the pricing agreement.

Step 10:
Receipt of Payment

Upon receipt of payment from the distributor, we will send a confirmation email. Then the client will pick up the merchandise using a Telex copy of the B/L when it arrives at their requested port.

Step 11:
Shipping and Customs Clearance

Lastly, the distributor pays for shipping at the port, executes customs clearance, and transports the filters to their warehouse, DC, or other location of choice.

Common Questions:

What currency is your pricing?
All prices and payments in USD

Do you have special sales terms?
Yes, we have special terms please contact us.

What are the Monthly Minimum Order Quantities for HK®?
Please contact us to discuss and we will tailor an ordering program to meet your needs.

We’re ready when you are.

Contact us to learn more about our company, our products, and our unparalleled commitment to excellence.